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About Us

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Innovative Express Care is not your ordinary urgent care. We deliver convenient, high-quality, affordable healthcare in a new way. I call it healthcare evolved. Here, you can walk-in for a sudden illness or injury seven days a week. You can also make Innovative your home and see one of our primary care physicians.

We promise to address your healthcare needs, while also being respectful of your time (and bank account). Our on-site pharmacy has some of the most prescribed medications, which allows you to skip the extra stop on your way home. Our in-office lab and X-ray means we won’t send you elsewhere just to find out what’s wrong. We even use telemedicine to save you a trip in for medication refills or minor issues.

The vision behind Innovative Express Care was born during my tenure at Northwestern Medicine. My role as an emergency medicine physician and associate professor offered me an opportunity to explore what patients want out of their healthcare experience. My research was the catalyst that led me to open Innovative Express Care, Innovative Primary Care and the other specialty medical services that have followed. For a complete list of our offerings, visit Innovative Care online.

Welcome to Innovative Express Care.

~ Rahul Khare, MD

Why Use Innovative Express Care?
  • Do you want instant online access to your medical records? Done.
  • Do you want to schedule your appointments online? Done.
  • Do you want a loved one to join you in the examination room, even if they’re thousands of miles away, via our video conferencing system? Done.
  • Do you want to know the cost of your visit up front? Done.
  • Do you want an on-site pharmacy so you don’t have to make another stop on the way home to get your medication? Done.
  • Do you want in-office X-ray so you don’t get referred elsewhere just to determine what’s going on? Done.