Dr. Rahul Khare

Dr. Rahul KhareRahul Khare, MD is the founder of Innovative Express Care. He was an emergency physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for the last 10 years. He was Associate Professor at Northwestern University. He completed his Master’s in Science in Clinical Investigation from Northwestern University, and did his Emergency Medicine Residency at the University of Michigan. Prior to this, he did two years of General Surgery Residency at Fairview Hospital at the Cleveland Clinic. Most importantly, while at Northwestern University he received over $700,000 in federal grants to evaluate how to improve healthcare. It was here that Dr. Khare thought about different ways to give high quality healthcare and how to keep people out of the Emergency Department, lowering costs and giving a higher quality of care. That’s where Innovative Express Care was born.

The staff at Innovative Express Care come from the highest quality hospital systems in Chicago. One medical assistant had worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for over 10 years. Another was a nurse in the Emergency Department at Northwestern Memorial for over 5 years, another provider developed and ran urgent cares at University of Illinois in Chicago, and another worked at Loyola. They have all come together to create an independent, personalized clinic that gives the highest quality of care in an affordable and efficient way. Welcome to Innovative Express Care!

The love of volunteer work has not been forgotten, rather continued through an annual commitment to provide medical care, professional development and teaching in international settings. Dr. Rahul Khare has pledged to donate a percentage of the profits made at Innovative Express Care to new non-profit organization, Innovative Disaster Care, which will provide the human capital and financing to respond when disaster hits. This non-profit group will also send volunteers to teach, staff, and help hospitals and clinics who need it most. Dr. Rahul Khare has been volunteering every year since 2010, helping Haiti, Ethiopia, and most recently the Philippines.

As a mission driven organization, Dr. Khare will dedicate 1 week per year for his full-time staff (healthcare providers and medical assistants) to have a paid trip to volunteer their medical knowledge and experience in developing countries or places that need it most. This is the Innovative Express Care commitment to health around the globe, and by using us as your urgent care provider, you are contributing to this cause.