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New Lincoln Park Urgent Care Promises to Change the Way Healthcare is Delivered

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Contact: Jennifer Monasteri
April 16, 2015

Innovative Express Care bridges the gap between patients and primary care physicians with immediate care offered seven days a week

Chicago – When you are sick, your one mission is to get well. You don’t have time for a nagging cough and you can’t afford to miss another day of work. You call your doctor, only to learn that it will be another week or more before a physician can see you. This common scenario has led to an influx of convenient care clinics across the country, but unfortunately, most fall short when it comes to offering personalized attention, a full range of services and continuity of care. Innovative Express Care, a new urgent care facility in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, is changing the walk-in medical care experience by bringing technology and modern conveniences together with high-quality, affordable healthcare.

“As an emergency medicine physician for more than 10 years, I consistently saw patients with conditions that required timely care, yet were not medical emergencies. When I would ask why they chose to come to the ER instead of an urgent care facility, I heard the same responses time and time again, all related to trust, quality and convenience,” said Rahul Khare, MD, founder and president of Innovative Express Care. “That feedback, along with the changing healthcare landscape, led me to create a new medical experience that delivers quality care, along with affordability and convenience.”

Innovative Express Care offers immediate treatment for common illnesses such as strep throat, sinus infection, rash, colds and flu and more; as well as injuries such as cuts, sprains and fractures. Clinicians also offer annual physicals, sports physicals, student health services, occupational health and travel medicine. To provide continuity of care, all patients receive immediate access to their online medical health record. In addition, Innovative Express Care will contact your primary care physician to alert them of the services offered and any follow up that is necessary. If a patient does not have a primary care physician, Innovative Express Care can recommend a provider close to the patient’s home or office.

“We provide care that is vastly different than episodic or doc-in-the-box experiences,” said Khare. “We take time to learn about a patient’s history and take those details into consideration when examining the current issue. Our goal is to supplement a patient’s primary care by offering immediate appointments. Through open communication, we then work in partnership with their internist to make sure important information is shared between offices.”

Located at Ashland and Fullerton in Lincoln Park, Innovative Express Care is a great option for area students, families and professionals seeking healthcare they can trust to be there when they need it. Innovative Express Care is open for walk-in appointments from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday with free parking. Most major medical insurance plans are accepted and out of pocket fees are reasonable. Wait times average 15 minutes, often less, allowing patients to easily fit the appointment into their day.

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