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Rachel Sontag, LCSW

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Rachel Sontag is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression and trauma. Rachel works best with motivated people who are undergoing major life transitions, struggling in relationships or work, processing past trauma, or feeling stuck in patterns of thinking and behaving that are no longer working. At Innovative Express Care, she specifically focuses on patients with PTSD, minor depression, and ADHD.

Rachel brings years of experience as a clinical therapist working with a diverse population. She views therapy from a holistic and collaborative perspective. Integrating compassion, experience, and humor, she aims to provide a safe environment for people to explore and express themselves without fear of judgment or shame.

Rachel received her Masters in Social Work from Portland State University as well as her Masters in Fine Arts from The New School. She has completed a fellowship at the Chicago Center of Psychoanalysis, and is a trained Level 1 Gottman therapist. She’s also spent time in India studying mindfulness meditation as a means of treating anxiety. Rachel has a genuine interest in researching and educating herself on various new advancements in psychotherapy, so her patients get the best and the most advanced treatment possible.

If you would like to begin therapy with Rachel Sontag, LCSW, please email our therapists at: therapy@innovativeexpressCare.com and ask to book an appointment with Rachel Sontag for therapy. We do accept insurance for therapy.

If you would like to be evaluated for PTSD or ADHD, you will see all available ADHD and PTSD evaluation slots via telemedicine. You will be sent a link on how to use your phone or laptop. This evaluation costs $175 to be done (we do not take insurance for evaluations). After evaluation, therapy (if needed or if desired) will be billed to your insurance.