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7 Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Innovative Express Care is a primary and urgent care in Lincoln Park, Chicago. They work with patients that have high cholesterol and give great advice on how to keep it down naturally. As you may know, there are two types of cholesterol: HDL, known as the good cholesterol and LDL, known as bad cholesterol. 

Eat foods high in HDL

HDL is known as good cholesterol. HDL carries bad cholesterol from other parts of your body back to your liver which removes the cholesterol from your body. Some foods rich in HDL are oats, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, and fatty fish. 

Avoid foods low in LDL

LDL is known as the bad cholesterol. LDL raises your chances of having heart disease, heart attack, or stroke by clogging your arteries. It is also linked to diabetes and high blood pressure. Foods to avoid are pretty simple. That means no junk food (chips, candy, cookies, ice cream, soda), fried foods, and red meat or fatty pork.

Eat more fruits & veggies

Colorful fruits and vegetables should be added to your diet. Any natural produce with no cholesterol and low-fat is a great base for a healthy diet. 


Losing weight and maintaining a healthy BMI will help you lose LDL. If you exercise for 30 minutes each day, it raises your HDL which will overall lower your LDL. 

Quit Smoking

Smoking is linked to an increase in LDL, the bad cholesterol. The added chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes make your artery walls stiff, makes your blood vessels narrow,  makes your blood thicker, and increases your blood pressure and heart rate. When you quit smoking it raises your HDL, the good cholesterol.

Limit Alcohol Use

Using alcohol frequently raises LDL. It is even worse if you are mixing alcohol with sugary soda and juices. Yet, drinking wine in moderation has been linked to lowering LDL and raises HDL in the body.  

Manage Stress

Long term stress is very bad for your heart, especially your cholesterol levels. It can raise LDL both directly and indirectly. Stress  can raise cholesterol directly through hemoconcentration, cortisol, fatty acids, and it also causes other negative effects on the heart that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, etc. It indirectly raises LDL, because a stressed person is more prone to eating unhealthier and not exercising. You should spend time each day to manage your stress levels. Take a yoga class, work on your breathing, find time to do what you love outside of work, spend time with friends, or even read your favorite book. Lastly, make sure you get a good night’s rest!

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Hair Removal with the Palomar Vectus Laser

laser hair removalInnovative MedSpa is committed to providing the highest quality, most effective, skincare solutions for our clients. This is why we chose the Palomar Vectus Laser for permanent hair removal.

Laser hair removal means no more plucking, shaving, waxing, or threading, but not every laser is created equal. Our skincare experts at Innovative MedSpa researched a variety of hair removal devices in search for the most effective and efficient laser on the market….and we found it!


Lasers use both light and heat to achieve its desired results. The Vectus laser is designed with sapphire tips that shed their heat quickly and apply focused light only at the roots of the hair while leaving skin cool. An advanced cooling system means a more comfortable, skin-friendly session.


The Vectus laser has the MOST uniform beam profile, and it reaches hair follicles in every phase of growth for more thorough removal. This reduces the amount of treatments required to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. The large spot size allows us to treat even large areas in a very short amount of time.


Older laser removal systems had one major drawback: They could cause skin pigmentation changes around hair follicles. This meant that for people with deeper skin tones, laser hair removal might not be an option. The Vectus laser system features the only FDA approved melanin reader: the easy-to-use Skintel Melanin Reader. It analyzes skin tone and adjusts the light spectrum to automatically target melanin in hair, not in skin.


Almost every other form of hair removal needs to be repeated. Shaving regrowth appears after just a day or two. Depilation creams typically last three to five days. With waxing, and plucking, you could wait weeks to see new growth, but the hair still returns. The Vectus laser offers a permanent solution.