Is it a sprain or a break?

Is it a sprain or a break? One minute you’re walking along thinking you’re looking real good in those stiletto booties and the next you’re on the ground, both your ego and your ankle bruised and in pain. The question you ask yourself—after you wonder if anyone just saw you […]

How to get rid of lice

The four most terrifying words in the English language: “Your child has lice.” That simple phrase turns normally sane people into raving lunatics, ones who vacuum stuffed animals until they are completely threadbare, burn blankets and pillows in backyard bonfires, and actually soak their children’s heads in vodka and olive […]

IUDs, Birth Control, and President Trump

President Trump and birth control A group of men gathered around a table discussing what women can do with their bodies? Just another typical day in Washington during the Trump administration. Since taking office, President Donald Trump has signed several executive orders that directly—and adversely—affect women’s health care. While the […]