Sore Throat = No Fun

So you screamed your head off at the Taylor Swift concert last night and now you can’t shake it off. Or maybe you should have thought twice about sitting next to that guy with the hacking cough on the train, but your feet were killing you and it was the […]

Sore Throat

norovirus sickness

What do you need to know about norovirus?

No, contrary to commonly-held beliefs, norovirus is not some computer thing that Russian hackers used to compromise the 2016 election. It’s the actual medical term for what’s usually called the stomach flu by many people. You know, the illness that is highly contagious, easily spread and especially dangerous to young […]

Is it a sprain or a break?

Is it a sprain or a break? One minute you’re walking along thinking you’re looking real good in those stiletto booties and the next you’re on the ground, both your ego and your ankle bruised and in pain. The question you ask yourself—after you wonder if anyone just saw you […]

How to get rid of lice

The four most terrifying words in the English language: “Your child has lice.” That simple phrase turns normally sane people into raving lunatics, ones who vacuum stuffed animals until they are completely threadbare, burn blankets and pillows in backyard bonfires, and actually soak their children’s heads in vodka and olive […]