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Cannabis Friendly Pain Management

Due to the overwhelming requests for Innovative Express Care to do cannabis friendly pain management, we have started booking the appointments for Innovative Pain Management. We thought about how we can give the best care to our patients on chronic pain medications. We came up with a system where our patients are treated in a respectful, holistic, and simplified fashion to get the monthly pain medications.

Program Goal

• To create an open, non-judgmental, collaborative and accessible environment for patients with chronic pain

Who Qualifies

• All patients with a history of chronic pain will be evaluated by our clinicians and a treatment plan will be established

How Are We Innovative?

  • Patients will be able to get refills of their medications via telemedicine
  • We do need to see you every 3 months in the clinic, but the other refills can be done via telemedicine (from your home or work)
  • We are cannabis friendly and we encourage using cannabis to decrease opiate consumption (if you are willing
  • We have mental health therapists to help discuss other pain coping mechanisms

Rahul Khare, MD

Rahul Khare, MD is the founder of Innovative Express Care. He was an emergency physician at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for the last 10 years. He was Associate Professor at Northwestern University. He has opened up Innovative Express Care to change healthcare: To use technology, compassion, and empathy, to give the highest quality and affordable healthcare.

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