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ABC 7: COVID-19 antibody tests now available at Innovative Express Care

ABC 7 joined us early this morning to cover the new COVID-19 antibody test available at Innovative Express Care. The blood test looks for IgG antibodies in the blood to determine if your body has already encountered the COVID-19 virus, or indicates the absence of these antibodies. The test is available to anyone who is well and has not had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Insurance is accepted. Watch the full segment here.

Newsy: Dr. Khare comments on the status of COVID-19 testing

Dr. Khare spoke with Newsy earlier this week to offer an update on COVID-19 testing, which is open to everyone at Innovative Express Care. Watch the segment here to learn more, including how we bend the curve and what it means to achieve herd immunity.

Chicago Tribune: The race for an effective COVID-19 treatment

Chicago Tribune: COVID-19 Treatment

Dr. Khare was quoted in the Chicago Tribune Article: “The race for an effective COVID-19 treatment: Hunches, trials and no clear answer”

Despite all the ongoing efforts, doctors and scientists stress that no treatment for COVID-19 has been proved to help patients without causing too much harm.

“If my family member ever got this, I would not tell them to use any of those things, truthfully, unless it was really life threatening, and on the ventilator, and we’ve done everything else we could,” said Dr. Rahul Khare, founder and CEO of Innovative Express Care, an immediate care clinic on the North Side.

“I would then ask the (infectious disease) specialist if he thinks this is the time to try it, because truthfully we don’t know enough, and it could do more harm than good,” Khare added. “And the studies that have been out are not convincing, that’s for sure.”


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Patient recounts her battle with COVID-19: NBC5

Anna, an Innovative Express Care patient, recently spoke with NBC 5 about her battle with COVID-19.

“This did not seem normal and I’ve never felt anything like it,” she said. “There were some similarities (to other infections), body aches, fever chills. What made this different were the chest symptoms.”

Listen to what the young mother had to say, and why she wants others to take this seriously, by watching the interview here.


Dr. Khare in the Chicago Tribune: #masks4all

Dr. Khare was featured talking about #masks4all in the Chicago Tribune:

“I think if everyone used masks, it would decrease the amount of transmission of the virus,” said Dr. Rahul Khare, CEO of the Innovative Express Care immediate care facility on the North Side. “By putting a face mask over your nose and mouth, you’re decreasing the amount of the virus particles and therefore decreasing transmission rates.”


Jimmy Smart, 32, wears a mask while walking his dog in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood on April 1, 2020.
Jimmy Smart, 32, wears a mask while walking his dog in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood on April 1, 2020.(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)


Khare said he wants government officials to switch gears and advise people to wear masks if they must leave their homes. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reportedly considering new guidance on the subject, while President Donald Trump has said it might not be a bad idea.

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