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Innovative Ketamine Treatment: We Take Insurance

What if you could utilize your insurance to get your Ketamine Infusions?

We are one of the only clinics in Chicago that take insurance. Since insurance does not pay for the actual Ketamine administration because it is not FDA approved, we do charge you $250 per infusion for the Ketamine infusion and we then bill your insurance for the visit, time with the doctor and IV insertion. Yes, if we take your insurance (check here), we will bill your insurance. So, you will pay: $250 + whatever your insurance will not cover. This will never be over $600 per treatment, and after you hit your deductible, will be $250 per visit. That’s pretty good… Mood Disorder Treatments consist of a series of 6 treatments over a 2-week period. Each IV infusion lasts approximately one hour.

  • $250 per infusion + we bill your insurance for Mood Disorders (Depression/Anxiety)

Chronic Pain Disorder Treatments are more intense and last 2-3 hours (with much higher dosages) and usually consist of a series of at least 3 treatments depending on the type of pain syndrome you have, but may require as few as 3 or as many as 10 total sessions.

  • Chronic Pain Disorder treatment costs: $600 per infusion + we bill insurance for around $250

Chronic Pain Disorder Treatments usually consist of a series of at least 3 treatments (but could be more) lasting 2-3 hours per infusion session. Infusion cost includes every aspect of treatment, and there are no added costs. We accept all major credit cards, CareCredit, and cash. No checks accepted.

As always, we are upfront about costs. Book your appointment to talk with our physician about the treatment now by clicking here.

In early 2019, we opened up a brand new, state of the art, beautiful clinic on Belmont and Sheffield Avenue. Dr. Khare and his staff decided to decorate it in the most peaceful and delicate decor, to give our patients the relaxation and calmness they need while getting their Ketamine infusions. Thought was put into the entire patient experience, including check-in process, sparkling water, comfortable couches, La-Z-Boy recliners, over-the-ear headphones with hand-picked, scientifically researched, relaxing music. Our staff are trained to be quiet, gentle, and patient to those seeking treatment with us. You get the personal email address of Dr. Khare for any issues that arise after the treatments. We are located at:

Innovative Ketamine

3221 N Sheffield Ave

Chicago, IL 60657

(773) 799-8520

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