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Ketamine Infusion Insurance: App

What if you could utilize an app to inquire about Ketamine Infusions being covered by Insurance?

Innovative Express Care has come up with a way to have Ketamine treatments paid by insurance (or at least a part of it). It’s called Get Better or Better! for short, and it’s a very easy way to submit claims to your insurance. The steps are simple: Download the app, fill in your name and demographics, take a picture of your insurance card, and then get the “Superbill” from Innovative Express Care (I will give you this electronically), and boom, just like that, Better! will send your submission to your insurance. They charge 10% of your total reimbursement. If you have no reimbursement or you haven’t hit your deductible or the insurance pays you nothing, then you do not get charged.

Check it out! Our ketamine patients have had great success with this new App!