Allergy Toothpaste: Oral Mucosal Immunotherapy

What is oral mucosal immunotherapy aka Allergy Toothpaste?

The substances that trigger a patient’s allergy symptoms are called allergens. Immunotherapy introduces small amounts of purified allergens to the body in a careful, controlled way. This can fundamentally change how the body responds to allergens over the course of therapy. While symptom reduction usually occurs within a few months of consistent treatment, patients are more likely to obtain persistent reduction of allergy symptoms when immunotherapeutic treatment continues for 3-5 years. This type of immunotherapy is in the form of a toothpaste.

How does it work?

As you brush your teeth, immunotherapeutic agents in the toothpaste are dispersed to the areas of the oral cavity with the highest concentration of Langerhans Cells. These immune system cells have been shown to be important in reducing allergic symptoms. By targeting these cells, this approach increases the likelihood of decreasing allergy symptoms and improving the health of allergy sufferers.

How do I get started?

First, a patient must undergo allergy testing to pinpoint which allergens are causing the symptoms. After that, the allergy nurse will customize a tube of allergy toothpaste tailored specifically to the patient’s needs. Brushing your teeth is already part of your morning routine, all you need to do is switch your toothpaste in the morning. Allergy toothpaste should be used once a day and the patient should brush their teeth for 2 minutes. It is available in mint and berry flavor. Allergy toothpaste allows for patient independence and only requires an office visit every 3 months. In contrast, allergy shots require weekly office visits (which is a lot of time and money).

How do I get started on allergy toothpaste?

Schedule an appointment for allergy testing with our Clinical Allergy Specialist at Innovative Express Care: Innovative Allergy Care. We test for 40 environmental allergens such as molds, trees, grasses, weeds, and 24 different foods. The allergy nurse will customize the toothpaste to treat your allergy needs.

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