BOTOX® Treatments

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What is BOTOX®?

One of the most familiar ways to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles is with Botox®   This simple non-surgical treatment temporarily smooths and reduces the appearance of deep folds, lines and wrinkles.  It is safe and FDA approved.

  • Main Ingredient

    • A purified protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.
  • How It Works

    • Normally, your brain sends electrochemical messages to your muscles to make them contract and move.  These messages are transmitted from a nerve to the muscle by a substance called acetylcholine.  Botox blocks the nerve from releasing acetylcholine.  As a result, the muscle contractions stop or are greatly reduced.  This in turn reduces the wrinkles in that area.
  • Uses

    • Botox can safely and successfully treat wrinkles that are caused by muscle contractions.  These include frown lines, forehead creases, crow’s feet and neck bands.  Botox is FDA approved to treat underarm sweating also.
  • Duration

    • Clients can usually see results within days of the treatment, but the full effect can take up to 10 days.  Visible results have been shown to last up to 3-5 months (and up to 1 year for hyperhidrosis.)  Results last longer after you have received consecutive treatments over time.  There is minimal downtime between recovery and treatment.

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