IV Fluids: The Hangover Cure


IV Fluids for Those who Are Sick and Those Who Have a Hangover

Hangover CureWe offer IV fluids for the dehydrated patients, which include those with the “stomach flu,” food poisoning, and those with medical conditions who require IV fluids. We also give IV fluids to those who are dehydrated because they are vomiting due to being over-served the night before, yes, those with a hangover.

People ask me all the time: Why would you put an IV in a person who is hungover? Well, the answer is simple: It helps. Seriously, in 30-60 minutes, we can change you from a nauseous, vomiting, lethargic slug into a person who can get on with their day and hang out with your friends! It’s pretty easy medicine (fluids + anti-inflammatory medication + anti-nausea medication + vitamins = feeling like a million bucks). So why would I not share this with Chicago?

All you have to do is take an uber over here, and get it started. You can even make an appointment on-line while on your way here!


Insurance: Your co-pay and whatever you have to pay with insurance to see a doctor. Let me repeat: WE TAKE INSURANCE

Cash Pay (we take credit cards): $150 This includes all the fluids, medications, etc.

Why Come to Innovative Express Care?

We are a medical center.

We have nurses and doctors onsite, and you’ll be getting world-class care. Oh, did we mention that we take insurance?

We have convenient hours

Seriously, we are open on Saturday and Sundays from 9am-5pm. We are also open Monday through Friday from 8am-8pm.

We Take Insurance

I want to make sure you understand this point. All these other IV clinics do not.

We have one low cash-pay amount: $150 This includes the everything including the vitamins, medications, and fluids.


You should come to a place with doctors and nurses who are here to help you feel better in a safe, efficient manner.

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Image Source: Mislav Marohnić