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PTSD Evaluation and Treatment - Innovative Care Book an appointment
PTSD Evaluation and Treatment

PTSD Treatment

If you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are interested in getting an Illinois Medical Card, Innovative Wellness can help. If you have never officially been diagnosed with PTSD, our team can evaluate and treat you. The  first step is to complete a PTSD evaluation with one of our therapists to determine if you qualify for PTSD. We can complete PTSD evaluation via telemedicine. It’s so easy, you don’t even have to leave your house.

After your PTSD evaluation and diagnosis, you can move forward with the process to get your Medical Card. You will need to complete two certification appointments with a provider at Innovative Wellness. Following those visits, the team will email you the signed certification form so you can complete your IDPH application online to get your card from the state.

Steps to get your card for PTSD:

1) Book an appointment on-line (below) to see one of our compassionate mental health specialists by telemedicine: David Evans, LCPCJoy Guzzarde, LCPC ,  Jenna Quinn, LCSW,  or Erika Ostrander, LCPC
2) Complete PTSD screening via telemedicine with one of our therapists below.
3) Once we have confirmed your PTSD diagnosis, you can schedule an appointment with Innovative Wellness to initiate your medical card certification.

Cost for PTSD evaluation:

PTSD Self Pay Fee: $175. We do not take insurance for PTSD evaluations.

After Initial PTSD evaluation, we do take insurance for follow up appointments. 

**Our clinic is located in Chicago. We can only do PTSD evaluations for Illinois residents who are interested in applying for a Medical Cannabis Card. Our clinical therapists are only licensed in the state of Illinois. **  

Booking is easy

Booking is easy

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