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PTSD Evaluation for the Illinois Medical Card - Innovative Care Book an appointment
PTSD Evaluation for the Illinois Medical Card - Innovative Care Book an appointment

Are you interested in booking a PTSD Evaluation?

Book your PTSD evaluation below! You will have a telemedicine appointment with one of our licensed therapists to get the process rolling!

How to Get Evaluated for PTSD?

Get evaluated for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by a healthcare professional!

We do this via telemedicine with one of our wonderful therapists: Book PTSD Evaluation Here

Do you have PTSD?

  • Have you ever had a traumatic experience (near death, sexual violence, life threatened, witnessed violence or death)?
  • Has this caused significant symptoms (night terrors, panic attacks, insomnia, paranoia, or inability to go out)?
  • If yes, you may have PTSD.

After you are diagnosed with PTSD, you will get a letter from us stating we evaluated you, and it will state your diagnosis and potential treatment options. You also have the option of seeing us at Innovative Express Care to get your medical card application submitted and get your physician certification done by our doctors.

Let us help you through this madness of forms and confusion! Let our professional staff answer questions regarding the process, forms, doctor’s visit, and application. We can even help you submit your application to the state.


I know you want to know the cost:

  • For PTSD evaluation, the cost is $175 flat fee. We can give you the invoice so that you can submit this to your insurance.

Unfortunately, because this is an evaluation, we do not take insurance for this.

Medicaid patients – Innovative Wellness cannot bill medicaid for your appointments, but we do offer a reduced self-pay rate of $100 for anyone on Medicaid – please bring your Medicaid insurance card(s) to receive the reduced rate.

Veterans – Veterans who are self-pay are also able to take advantage of the Reduced Self-pay rate of $100 per visit.

** Proof of Medicaid and/or veteran status will be required to be eligible for the reduced rate.**

What You Get From Innovative Express Care

You get a compassionate, highly qualified, healthcare provider to evaluate and potentially diagnose you. We will even fax your diagnosis letter to your doctor, or if you have picked Innovative Express Care to certify you, we will make sure they get your letter (it will already be in your chart)!

Important Things to Know

We will evaluate you and make the diagnosis if you have PTSD. By definition, PTSD is some sort of trauma in the past that creates significant anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, or other mental health issues due to the trauma.

If you feel like this is not you, then it may not be worth the evaluation. But, if you feel like this could be you, please get evaluated so we can treat you properly!

If you already have the diagnosis of PTSD (note it must say PTSD), then please click this link to contact us about getting certified.

How long does this process take?

The appointments take about 30 minutes long. They sometimes are longer.

If you have any questions, please email us at: