PTSD Evaluation and Treatment

PTSD Evaluation

Do you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are you interested in getting an Illinois Medical Card? If you have never officially been diagnosed with PTSD, Innovative Express Care can evaluate and treat you. Initially, we would like you to see our mental health specialist to help diagnose you and help you with your condition. The exciting news is, we can evaluate for PTSD via telemedicine. You don’t have to leave your house!

After the assessment and diagnosis, you can then get certified for your Illinois Medical Card from our physicians at Innovative Express Care. Because certification requires an in-person visit, we will schedule you to see the physician, get fingerprinted, and your Illinois Medical Card application sent out.

Steps to get your card for PTSD:

1) Book an appointment on-line (below) to see one of our compassionate mental health specialists by telemedicine (it’s like Skype): Rachel Sontag, LCSWOlivia Yang, LCSW, or Jenna Quinn, LCSW
2) Get evaluated via telemedicine by our therapists below.
3) Have our therapists evaluate you and diagnose you, and we will help you make an appointment at Innovative Express Care MMJ team to get certified.

Cost for PTSD evaluation:

For evaluation for PTSD: $175

Booking is easy: Click on an appointment below.

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For any questions, please email our therapists at:

If you do not want to make an appointment online, Fill out this form, and our receptionists will call you within 1 business day! or call (773) 420-7994

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