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Travel Medicine

Innovative Express Care has the most up-to-date travel health information. We have all the current information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and world health surveillance sources who constantly monitor outbreaks and other health hazards. With Innovative Express Care, you get the latest developments in travel medicine.

We also will give you truthful, no-nonsense health risks based on exactly where you are going, how long you are staying there, and what type of accommodations you will have. These things are extremely important. C’mon, do you really need a yellow fever vaccine if you’re staying for 2 nights at the Four Seasons in Tanzania? Just in case you were wondering… No you don’t.

We provide personalized travel health consultations

At Innovative Express Care you will receive one-to-one counseling from a trained medical professional whose expertise is travel medicine and immunizations. You’ll receive an official immunization record to keep with your travel documents, along with a personalized comprehensive itinerary with specific health and travel information. Each packet details the health risks and requirements for the specific countries on your itinerary, consular information, general travel advice, and tips on avoiding traveler’s’ diarrhea and other common illnesses in those particular regions.

Travel Medicine Services can include:

  • Vaccines for travel
  • Dengue fever prevention
  • Malaria prevention and medication
  • Travelers’ Diarrhea prevention and medication
  • Destination warnings and alerts

Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not pay for travel vaccines. To us, this makes no sense (I mean, if you come back from your travels with Hepatitis A, Typhoid, or Yellow Fever don’t you think the hospitalization would cost a fortune, not to mention the risk of death). Anyhow, somehow the insurance companies often don’t cover it. We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO for travel vaccines, but for those with other insurances, you will need to pay for the individual travel vaccines at the time of administration. Sorry, the truth is, all Travel Clinics in Chicago are like this.

We do accept your insurance for the provider visit consultation, but each travel vaccine costs are listed here:

  • Hepatitis A: $130
  • Typhoid: $120
  • Yellow Fever: $225 (due to government rationing, we do not have this vaccine)
  • One-time vaccines administration fee: $25

That’s it. We promise you that you will not find a better deal on vaccines in the city. The reason we know this is because we are selling our vaccines at cost. Hey, we’re a startup, and we want you to come back to us for all your medical needs!

Lastly, the provider visit is really important. Here we can discuss Malaria prophylaxis, possible diarrhea medications (just in case that Montezuma’s Revenge comes back), plane anxiety if needed, and even refill your chronic medications.

After you book your appointment, it always helps if our provider can get some questions answered prior to your visit.

Important Information for Your Provider

If you can answer these questions and send using the form, we can start pulling up your destination(s) and have everything ready for you:

  • What countries are you visiting
  • When is your trip (dates)
  • What travel vaccines have you already had in the last 3 years?
  • What types of accommodations will you have? Camping? The Ritz? Something in-between?
  • Use the form to send us your name and date of birth

Email us your name, date of birth and those answers to: health@innovativeexpresscare.com

If you’re like me, you’ll want to see us the week (or the day before) you depart. That’s okay too… Just make an appointment, and we’ll figure it all out! Some of the vaccines are rare, so if you give us a few days, we can be sure to get it in stock for you. Lastly, if you don’t even have time to make an appointment, just walk-in! (you can book it under the urgent care section)!